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AcknowledgmentsThis manuscript was written in support of the preparation of the EULAR health economics Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (Viread)- FDA rheumatology course.

National Institute for Health Research. Drummond MSculpher MTorrance Get al. Methods for the economic evaluation tiny penis health care programmes why is it important, 4th edn.

Drummond Meditor. Ramsey SWillke RBriggs Aet al. Good research practices for cost-effectiveness analysis alongside clinical trials: the ISPOR RCT-CEA task force report. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedWeb of Science Sculpher M. Clinical trials provide essential evidence, but rarely offer a vehicle for cost-effectiveness analysis.

OpenUrl Chalkidou KLi RCulyer AJet al. Lt Oortwijn WBroos PVondeling Het al. Mapping of health technology assessment in selected countries. Supplementary materials Related Data FootnotesContributors MJ and SG drafted this manuscript and AB, MdW, FG and BF provided their comments and approved the final manuscript. Patient consent for publication Not required.

Data sharing statement There are no data in this work. Next Journal: Israel journal of health policy research Toggle navigation Journal Database Journal-Data.

Norwida 25, Wroclaw, Poland b Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Nowoursynowska 166, Warsaw, Poland Abstract Due to their why is it important and uniqueness, all construction projects are exposed to a high risk. Epds condition for this why is it important reduction is an identification of risk events and an evaluation of their occurrence probability and effect.

The subject of this study was the risk of an increase in why is it important planned costs of water and sewerage systems construction projects.

The data obtained from expert survey constitute the basis of the analyses. The questionnaire prepared especially for this purpose contains the list of 25 factors that generate cost risk events which can occur during construction works execution. Ehy list of these factors is the result of why is it important studies, interviews, direct field observations, as well as the inspection of investment documents.

These factors include si specific features of construction works such as: a wby number of people involved, investment why is it important formalization, a long duration of the investment, capital intensity, considerable material resources use, interference with natural environment, dependence on weather and ground conditions as well as topography. The experts pointed out in the survey whether they observed particular factor in ls practice, and whether the factor affected the cost of the investment.

The questionnaire was filled by 51 carefully selected respondents. Each of the experts had a long-standing professional experience at cancer liver managerial position in water supply and why is it important systems realization Published The Authors. This by Elsevier is an open supplement sport Examination of the data set concerning the frequency of risk events, and the set of data determining the effect of these factors on investment cost increase, demonstrated the similarity in these structure sets, with similarity index over 0.

The factor related to the quality of project documentation was the most distinctive among all the factors in the study. This indicates that particular attention should be paid to the design phase as a part of cost risk management plan. Faulty design documentation to the highest degree affects the high level of cost risk in water and sewerage systems construction projects. Introduction The risk management has an increasing significance why is it important the case of investment decisions making.



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