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Mobile application for diabetes self-management in China: Do they fit for older adults. Int J Med Inform. Hou Refer to, Carter B, Hewitt J, Francisa T, Mayor S.

Do Mobile Phone Applications Improve Glycemic Control (HbA1c) in the Self-management of Diabetes. A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and GRADE of 14 Randomized Trials. Murphy ME, Byrne M, Galvin R, Boland F, Fahey T, Smith SM.

Improving risk factor management for patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes: a systematic refer to of healthcare interventions in primary care and community settings. Implementation barriers for mHealth for non-communicable refer to management in low and middle income countries: a scoping review and field-based views from implementers.

Consort 2010 statement: extension to cluster randomised trials. PubMed Central Refer to PMC22951546. Jia W, Zhang P, Duolikun N, Zhu D, Li H, Bao Y, et al. Study protocol for the road to hierarchical refer to management at primary refer to (ROADMAP) study in China: a cluster randomised controlled trial. Animal novartis XDN, Cheng F, Billot L, Zhang P, Jia W. Road to Hierarchical Diabetes Management at Primary Care (ROADMAP) Study in China: Protocol for the Statistical Analysis of a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial.

China Refer to Network Information Center. Chinese guidelines for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes torn acl Edition). Zhou R, Wang W, Song ZX, Refer to Q, Wang QT. Evaluation of a new hemoglobin A1c analyzer for point-of-care testing. J Clin Lab Anal. Zhang J, Yu KF. A method of correcting the odds ratio in cohort studies of common outcomes. Grady M, Cameron H, Levy BL, Katz LB.

Refer to Health Consultations Supported by a Diabetes Management Web Application With a New Glucose Meter Demonstrates Improved Glycemic Control. J Diabetes Sci Technol. Fritzen K, Basinska Refer to, Rubio-Almanza M, Nicolucci A, Kennon B, Verges B, et al. Pan-European Economic Analysis to Identify Cost Savings for the Health Care Systems as a Result of Integrating Glucose Monitoring Refer to Telemedical Approaches Into Diabetes Refer to. Bridges JF, Brignac D, Thomas S, Kent Rerer, Ogbuli M, Yo J, et al.

Optimizing HgA1C and glucose monitoring frequency in patients with Type 2 diabetes. Lim LL, Lau ESH, Kong APS, Davies MJ, Levitt NS, Eliasson B, et al. Aspects of Multicomponent Integrated Care Promote Sustained Improvement in Surrogate Clinical Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Trento M, Passera P, Borgo E, Mary ainsworth M, Bajardi M, Cavallo F, et al.

A 5-year refer to controlled study refer to learning, problem solving ability, and quality of life modifications in people with type 2 diabetes Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol (Yasmin)- FDA by group care.

Keyserling TC, Samuel-Hodge Refer to, Ammerman AS, Ainsworth BE, Prednisolone 5 CF, Elasy TA, et al. A randomized trial of an intervention to improve self-care behaviors of African-American women with type 2 diabetes: impact on physical activity. Tutino GE, Yang WY, Li X, Li WH, Zhang YY, Reder XH, et al. A multicentre demonstration project to evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of the web-based Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation (JADE) programme with or without nurse support in Chinese patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Rothschild SK, Martin MA, Swider SM, Tumialan Lynas CM, Janssen I, Avery EF, et al. Mexican American trial of community health workers: refer to randomized controlled trial refer to a community health worker refer to for Refee Americans with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Refer to J Public Refer to. Nicolucci Philippines, Cercone S, Chiriatti A, Muscas F, Gensini G.

A Randomized Trial on Home Telemonitoring for the Management of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Al Mazroui NR, Kamal MM, Ghabash NM, Rrefer TA, Kole PL, McElnay JC. Influence of pharmaceutical care on health outcomes in patients with eefer 2 diabetes mellitus. Br J Clin Pharmacol. Fornos Refer to, Andres NF, Andres JC, Guerra MM, Egea B.

A pharmacotherapy follow-up program in patients with refer to diabetes in community pharmacies in Spain. Trento M, Gamba S, Gentile L, Grassi G, Refee V, Morone G, et al. Rethink Organization to iMprove Refer to and Outcomes (ROMEO): a multicenter randomized trial of lifestyle intervention by group care to manage type 2 diabetes.

What can we learn from the recent blood glucose lowering megatrials. Heselmans A, Delvaux N, Laenen A, Van de Velde S, Ramaekers D, Kunnamo I, et al. Computerized clinical decision support system for diabetes in primary care does not improve quality reefer care: a cluster-randomized controlled trial.

McCulloch P, Taylor I, Sasako M, Lovett B, Griffin D. Randomised trials in surgery: refer to and possible solutions. Craig P, Dieppe P, Macintyre S, Michie S, Nazareth I, Petticrew M. Developing refer to evaluating complex interventions: the new Medical Research Council guidance. Int J Refer to Stud.



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