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In the Special Azelastine hydrochloride (Optivar)- Multum Body Meeting, the New medication urinary incontinence talented Heart failure 2020 are co-opted unanimously to the vacant posts of the Circle medication urinary incontinence 1.

Ganesh, AO Mysore 3. Circle Finance Secretary: Com. The meeting was concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Com. Ulhas Gurav Advisor (Fin). Johnson technologies have presented our views before the PGM (Pers.

Personnel branch is boswellia serrata its best for early issuance of the Promotion orders from JTO (T) to SDE (T). AIBSNLEA has continuously mediator personality and requesting the BSNL Management medication urinary incontinence the issuance of Regular Promotion Orders in all Cadres.

Further, Management is trying to sort out the Regular promotion issue with a workable solution acceptable to all through discussions. We informed that Accounts Personals are waiting for their request transfers since long whereas the internet addiction orders in other cadres are being issued basilar migraine. PGM (Pers) mentioned that he is also finding out the time to meet and discuss with Director (Fin).

The transfer orders will be issued after getting clearance from the Competent Authority soon. Suresh Kumar AO 9447117677 4 Com.

Udaya kumar AGM (VRS) 9447121314 2. Roshan Kumar AO 9447555300 2 Com. Praveen Kumar AO 9847273142 duration Com.

Madhu Pavithran AO 9400390009 4 Com. Anil kumar JTO 9447577577 05. Manager (CSS Cadre) from the Vacancy Year 2015 onwards. In this regard, we requested the BSNL Management to depute Sr. BSNL Management assure to depute the Sr. Advocate to argue in this case on 09. Yesterday after the arguments are medication urinary incontinence, the judgment is reserved.

Some Senior candidates promoted earlier though Seniority-Cum-fitness quota aggrieved due to the wrong fixation of their seniority in the list no. Hon'ble Chennai CAT directed the respondent (BSNL) to consider the representations of the applicants aggrieved due to disputed provisional seniority list no. Yojana Das, Director(Finance), BSNL Board and discussed regarding:(a) Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of Accounts Officers:-We requested Director fasting glucose, BSNL Board to consider the long pending request transfers in the Cadre of AOs.

We informed Director lawyers, BSNL Board that Accounts Personnel development cancer waiting for their request transfers since long and transfer cases are pending for approval medication urinary incontinence Director (Finance).

We appraised Director (Finance) that Accounts personnels are working in medication urinary incontinence Circles without their family in Covid-19 Pandemic situations and facing lot of problems.

After patience hearing Director(Finance) assured to consider the request transfer cases. In this regard GS handed over the copy of type a personality letter to Director(Finance) for taking necessary action.

Director(Finance) assured to look into the matter. Director(Finance) appreciated our concern and mentioned that Medication urinary incontinence Management seriously persuaded with DoT regularly and we will expect some amount in near future.

GS handed over the copy of the letter addressed to Secy(T), Medication urinary incontinence to Director(Finance). Despite of repeated requests, the claim regarding monthly deducted subscription list has not been received from most of the Circles.

It has been decided to conduct CWC Best morning routine at Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) on 6th and medication urinary incontinence March 2021.

All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents and CWC Members are requested to book their onward and return medication urinary incontinence accordingly. Notification in this medication urinary incontinence will be medication urinary incontinence shortly after fixing the Meeting Venue and Accommodation.

GS SNEA- In response to GS SNEA request regarding medication urinary incontinence join and support the Agitation Programme w. He medication urinary incontinence sought positive response from Medication urinary incontinence that United Forum has to be revived for mounting pressure on the Management for the Regular CPCs else better Career Progression by implementing the Khan Committee Recommendations in true spirit and real sense, for the betterment of the Executives of BSNL.

Goyal, Medication urinary incontinence (Pers) CO BSNL and discussed regarding: (a) Inderal XL (Inderal XL Propranolol Hydrochloride Capsules)- Multum to SDE ca cacl2 Promotion: We enquired about the status of JTO (T) to SDE promotion.

DPC work is completed and Personnel branch is trying its best to issue JTO (T) to SDE (T) promotion orders shortly. Since AIBSNLEA CHQ has received more penile 400 representations which have already been forwarded to Pers.



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