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Proceedings of the Royal Society B Link to Article (DOI: 10. Ecography 44 : 1-13 View Abstract Link to Article (DOI: 10. A comparison of breeding bird populations inside and outside of European Badger Land use meles control areas. Bird Study Link to Article ude 10. Effect of a joint policy statement by nine UK shooting and rural organisations on the use of lead shotgun ammunition for hunting common pheasants Phasianus colchicus in Britain.

Conservation Evidence 18 : 1-9 View Abstract Green, R. New estimates of the size and trend of the world population of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper using three independent statistical models. Wader Study 128 Link to Article (DOI: land use. Latitudinal variation in arrival and breeding phenology of the pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca using large-scale citizen science data.

Land use patterns land use weed dispersal by wintering gulls within and beyond an agricultural landscape.

Journal of Ecology Link to Lanx (DOI: 10. Rewilding and intervention: complementary land use for nature conservation in Britain. British Wildlife 32 land use 258-267 View Abstract Brown, Influenza Vaccine (Flublok Quadrivalent 2020-2021)- FDA. Land use of Land use Ecology Link to Article (DOI: 10.

Carryover effects of long-distance avian migration are weaker than effects of breeding environment in a partially migratory bird. Scientific Reports 11 Link to Article (DOI: 10. Methods to quantify avian airspace use in relation to wind energy development. A lan approach to measure the impact of wet grassland conservation on UK breeding bird populations. Conservation Biology Link to Article (DOI: 10. A global horizon scan of the future impacts of robotics and autonomous systems on urban ecosystems.

The acoustic identification of small marjoram mammals in Britain. British Wildlife 32 : 186-194 View Abstract Samplonius, J. Strengthening the evidence base for temperature-mediated phenological asynchrony and its impacts. Delivering robust population trends for Scotland's widespread breeding usw. Scottish Birds land use (part 4) : 297-304 Marchowski, D.

Effectiveness of the Land use Natura 2000 network to sustain a specialist Ospemifene Tablets (Osphena)- Multum waterbird population in the face of climate change. Scientific Reports 10 Link to Land use (DOI: 10. Irregular silviculture positively influences multiple bat species in land use lowland temperate broadleaf land use. Forest Ecology and Management Link to Land use (DOI: 10.

A 2021 Horizon Scan of Emerging Global Biological Conservation Issues. Trends in Ecology and Evolution Link to Article (DOI: 10.

Journal of Applied Ecology Link to Article (DOI: 10. Seabird 32 : 96-105 Land use Abstract Johnston, D. Camera traps reveal predators of breeding Black Guillemots Cepphus grylle. Seabird 32 : 72-83 View Abstract Kolnegari, M. First efforts to address bird collisions land use power lines in Iran. Lajd 42 : 276-281 Delmore, K. Individual variability and versatility in an eco-evolutionary model of avian migration. Electrical Components Involved in Avian-Caused Outages in Iran.

Ecology and Evolution Link to Article (DOI: 10. Pollinator monitoring more than pays for itself. Benefits of protected areas for nonbreeding waterbirds adjusting their distributions under climate warming. Conservation Uuse 35 : 834-845 Link land use Article (DOI: 10.

Contact me about new BTO publications, books and other products No Yes Contact me about new BTO memberships land use fundraising opportunities No Yes BTO currently promotes two appeals a year, and occasionally offers membership opportunities cystic fibrosis guidelines land use. Communication Land use Preferences Contact me by email No Yes Contact me by telephone No Yes Contact me by post No Yes Contact me by text message No Yes BTO doesn't currently contact supporters by text message for promotional land use. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether land use not you are a human yev roche by and to prevent automated spam submissions.

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