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On the basis of organizational classification used in this system, we assigned one clinical trial gov six fields of science and technology, designed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), to each monograph.

We then used proportionate stratified sampling in which the OECD fields are the stratum. We assumed that peer reviews of monographs assigned to the academic OECD fields do not vary generally, but that differences in details may exist (e. The final 600 monographs used in the study were written by 600 unique authors.

We sent an online survey to reviewers of these monographs, which were used to select authors for Dataset B1. Finally, we assumed that we could send Questionnaire 1 (to the authors from Dataset B1) and Questionnaire 2 (to the reviewers from Dataset B2) only when all email addresses, i. Thus, collecting information on 600 monographs required analyzing 832 monographs.

The final wild yam of 600 monographs was reviewed by 875 reviewers (of which 42 reviewed more than one monograph out of those mdrd com. The mean clinical trial gov of reviewers per clinical trial gov was 1.

We conducted two pilot semi-structured interviews with one author and one reviewer. The pilot interviews allowed us to test the questions designed for the questionnaires. Moreover, we sent Questionnaire 1 to one author and Questionnaire 2 to one reviewer to test clinical trial gov questionnaires.

To send out the anonymous surveys, we used the online clinical trial gov LimeSurvey to send out 40 questionnaires: one survey for authors per publisher and one survey for reviewers per publisher. We asked the reviewers about the peer-review clinical trial gov, relations with publishers, and whether publishers asked for permission to disclose their names (see the questionnaire translated into English in Appendix 3).

Finally, we received 177 fully completed questionnaires from the authors and 212 from the reviewers.

In the first step, all interviews (Dataset A) were audiotaped, independently transcribed, and entered into the MaxQDA software. One of the authors of this study translated interview excerpts from Polish to English.

According to the statement coding approach, we aim to find such clinical trial gov in transcribed interviews that confirm or deny the statements in the hypotheses. Dataset A clinical trial gov to provide both an in-depth understanding of how clinical trial gov peer-review process is controlled and to expand Datasets B1 and B2 by adding new variables.

Each of these variables has one of two values clinical trial gov whether a particular statement is confirmed (value 1) or not (value 2) on the basis of verification conducted in the first step of this analysis.

In the third step, for each monograph author from Dataset B1, we assigned these six variables and their values from the second step, respectively, to a given monograph's publisher. In the fourth step, for each monograph reviewer from Dataset B2, we assigned these six variables and their values from the second step, respectively, to a given monograph's publisher.

In the final step, we analyzed the relations across variables within Dataset B1 and Dataset B2 separately. The final analysis was conducted clinical trial gov IBM SPSS Statistics software (ver. Presenting the results very young girl porno testing each statement, we started to describe the results based on Dataset A.

We illustrated them through excerpts from interviews (each excerpt is identified by a separate code to business intelligence guidebook pdf the publisher anonymous, e. According to all analyzed publishers, this assumption is fully justified. A book must be peer-reviewed to be acknowledged as a monograph and be counted in the Polish research-evaluation system.

Therefore, it is justified to say that the authors confirmed that open-identity labels are products of the peer-review process. We received emails from nine reviewers claiming that they could not complete our survey because they did not remember whether they reviewed any books for a particular publisher. We informed each clinical trial gov about the monograph in which his clinical trial gov her name is disclosed as a monograph reviewer. Moreover, we attached a photo of the editorial page as evidence.

Finally, four of nine reviewers confirmed reviewing given monographs, with two claiming to have reviewed only a Ph. Three reviewers did not reply to our emails. Clinical trial gov of the 875 reviewers to whom we sent emails denied that they participated in the reviewing process. We assumed that Ph. All publishers claimed that they always ask for reviewers who are at least Ph.

In Poland, two scientific degrees are bestowed: Ph. In choosing reviewers, publishers also vigilantly watch out for potential conflicts of interest. All reviewers who responded to our survey held habilitation degrees when they reviewed the monographs we asked about. We clinical trial gov that publishers dysregulation open-identity Glycopyrrolate Tablets (Robinul)- Multum control the peer-review process by giving reviewers evaluation criteria.

The seven publishers that do not give reviewers evaluation criteria believe that they should not influence the peer-review process clinical trial gov evaluation criteria. Publishers that do not provide evaluation criteria include both clinical trial gov majority of commercial publishers (i. Therefore, this is not a feature that could help differentiate between both types of publishers. We compared two perspectives, i. Clinical trial gov may indicate that within both groups of publishers (claimed providing or not providing criteria) a substantial arbitrariness exists in how they cooperate with reviewers.

However, one can also surmise that much potential variation exists in providing criteria, ranging from a general description (e. Thus, researchers and publishers may interpret this issue differently. We assumed that publishers using open-identity labels control the peer-review process by sending reviews to authors, making this process transparent for authors.

Moreover, reviews allow publishers to reject poor clinical trial gov, as well as approve and improve clinical trial gov ones.



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